Universal Banking Solution

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      Consumer Financing Solution

      SME Banking Solution

      Micro Finance Solution

      Community Banking Solution

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Product info
Synergies - Special Features:
Optimal TCO, fast ROI and fast implementation
Highly configurable solution allowing quick time to market new products and services
Multi-lingual, multi-institution, multi-branch & multi-currency
Islamic finance Institution Model Setup
Built in market practice policies, processes and procedures
Built-in electronic workflow

Component based solution. This optimizes and speeds up future upgrades.
Open system architecture; platform and database independent
Truly SOA compliant design not just at the level of SOA interfaces
EDA provides a richer, more robust level by leveraging previously causal relationships to form a new event pattern
Highly secured compliant with relevant international standards

OLTP, STP no batch processing to update balances and positions
Multiple touch points to enable seamless integration
Single version. Newly added functionality automatically becomes available to all users.
True 24 x 7 operations. No downtime.